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Sony and JVC Take Different Tacks in the High-End Camcorder Gamut

Sony Warms, JVC Cools

Images recovered in the field show a clear difference in shade. While Sony warms tones with a slight predominance of pink in the whites, the JVC colors are "icy" in that they have much lighter tones.


Which is closer to reality? It's hard to say. Neither camcorder can be accused of saturation or of being defective in this respect. But then no camcorder on the market can reproduce the reality of color 100% accurately since color depends on individual perception. The question is rather: do you prefer warm tones or cool tones?

Note: The DCR-VX2100 is an upgrade of the previous version, the DCR-VX2000. The predominant pink of the VX2100 is one of the "improvements" that the Sony factory introduced in a bid to warm up the tones of their triCCD camcorder, considering the colors of the VX2000 to be too cool. As far as we are concerned, this modification is a mistake because applying a pink tint to the image upsets the white balance.