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Sony and JVC Take Different Tacks in the High-End Camcorder Gamut

Editing: A Real Hassle With The JVC!, Continued

To compensate for this shortcoming, JVC supplies an MPEG downloading utility and editing software dubbed MPEG Edit Studio Pro. The former serves to import your clips to the hard disk, the latter enables you to edit them. To our utter despair, the interface, ergonomics and functionality of the software are absolutely terrible. We weren't able to supply video clips or even image-capturing in progressive mode in this test because the files were unreadable and it was impossible to extract stills from a clip. So we quickly quit the software while asking ourselves how on earth we'd be able to edit these superb rushes shot in 25p.

The answer we can finally bring you is the product of extensive research using the specialist forums. The most reliable method is to transfer the MPEG-2 TS clips to computer by using the GR-PD1's Y/Pb/Pr output connector. And since very few computers have this input on their graphics card, you will need to buy a professional analog/digital conversion kit. The Canopus ADVC 500 for more than $1,800 is fitted with the right socket. The encoding software Procoder Express for about $100 is made by the same manufacturer and is the only device capable of reading the GR-PD1's MPEG-2 TS mode.

Note: this compatibility problem only affects clips recorded in MPEG-2 TS. Anything shot in the DV mode with a GR-PD1 can be imported using any type of downloading software.

As for the Sony DCR-VX2100, there's no problem. Its DV PAL encoding makes it possible to download via the i.Link output.

Note: the GR-PD1 is the European version of the GR-HD1 that is sold in NTSC version in Japan and the US. This naming system has created confusion between these two models because although the GR-HD1 (note the H) shoots in high definition at 1280x720 pixels, while the GR-PD1 is limited to the DV PAL standard of 720x576 pixels, even in the 25p mode in 16:9 format. This means that despite all the rumors it is not an HD camcorder. The 1280x659 pixel resolution announced by JVC does not apply to the size of the video picture but to the area of the sensor dedicated to stills.