Apple Now Worth More than Google and Microsoft Combined

Apple has a lot of money. This we know. However, the company passed a jaw-dropping milestone this week that accurately illustrates just how much the Cupertino-based company is actually worth. Apple shares surged to an all-time high yesterday, passing the $490 mark and closing at $493.17. This is up $16.49 from just one day previously and represents a 3.46 percent increase for the day. More interestingly, it pushed Apple's capitalization to just shy of $460 billion. This is more than rivals Microsoft and Google combined.

AppleInsider's Neil Hughes was the first to notice the achievement, noting that Microsoft's market cap yesterday stood at around $256.7 billion, while Google was valued at around $198.9 billion. This counts for a combined market cap of $455.6 billion. With Apple's stock up more than 3 percent in yesterday's morning trading, the company surpassed the combined totals of both Google and Microsoft. Apple's market cap currently stands at $459.82 billion.

Fortune also points to a great blog called 'Things Apple is Worth More Than' over on Tumblr. So far, the blog lists: The global coffee industry ($70 billion per year); the Apollo space program, twice over ($145 - $170 billion); the entire NFL, thirteen times (all of the teams combined are worth $33 billion); and all the gold at the New York Federal Reserve Bank (a massive 7,000 tonnes as of last August for a total worth of $350 billion). Head over to Tumblr for more, or Fortune, which has also got it's own list going (theirs includes Sweden, which has a gross domestic product of $458 billion).

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  • dgingeri
    Just proves how much they're cheating their producers' employees and their customers. You'd think they'd be able to pay their production employees (you know, the ones that work for Foxconn) a bit more than $3.00/hr, or at least give them decent living quarters.
  • Anonymous
    That's awesome!!! Now pay your factory workers you assholes.
  • nukemaster
    Overall, MS is not doing too bad for a company that makes its money mostly from software(i said mostly, not all :) ).
  • Other Comments
  • Anonymous
    When did Tom's hardware become Apple hardware?
  • geekapproved
    Tom's Hardware is a technology website, which includes apple computers and phones....duh.
  • SneakySnake
    If MS was in the same situation they woulda reported it. Just an interesting tidbit, that's all