Asus Delays Eee Keyboard, Adds Touchscreen

We're thinking that someone at Asus is trying to make Marcus cry, as apparently the company's Eee Keyboard has seen another delay. Originally, Asus promised to deliver the unique typing mechanism during October 2009, however now the company has set its sights on a launch window of early next year. While we're aware that consumers are waiting on the edge of their seats for the computer-in-a-keyboard device, the wait is probably worth it.

According to Register Hardware, Asus has replaced the previous 5-inch resistive touchscreen with a capacitive version. This will provide consumers the ability to interface with the keyboard like they would with an iPhone or other "top-end" handsets. Ken Wang, Asus' product design chief, said that the new touch-sensitive screen will support gesture control features similar to Apple's Magic Mouse. As an example, users can swipe fingers over the screen and launch an Internet web browser.

Wang also revealed that the wireless receiver will not be internal as originally planned, and have moved the antennae outside the keyboard hull. While testing the internal version, Asus discovered that the keyboard's metallic body "greatly" reduced the antennae's reception. But because Asus liked the metallic look, the company decided to stick with aesthetics and make the wireless receiver external.

Look for additional information to surface before the end of the year. Thanks to Register Hardware for the image.

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  • Hellbound
    I'm not addicted......I just cant stop using it..
  • soo-nah-mee
    So much for my Wife's X-mas present. This was to be out living room "juke-box" controller.
  • 08nwsula
    I still say they need to waterproof this thing before they sell it.