Intel Buys Texas Instrument's Cable Modem Line

Intel announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Texas Instruments’ cable modem product line. The purchase is one step in Intel’s plan to expand into the cable industry and related consumer electronics. Intel could be planning to integrate its system-on-chip products based on Atom processors.

Intel plans to combine Texas Instruments’ Puma product lines with the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) standard technology and Intel SoCs to deliver set top box, residential gateway and modem products for the cable industry. The objective is to provide cable OEMs with an open and powerful platform for delivering innovative and differentiated products to service providers that improve the video, voice and data content experience at home.

“Adding the talents of the Texas Instruments’ cable team to Intel’s efforts to bring its advanced technology to consumer electronics makes for a compelling combination,” said Bob Ferreira, general manager, Cable Segment, Intel’s Digital Home Group. “Intel is focused on delivering SoCs that provide the foundation for consumer electronics devices such as set top boxes, digital TVs, Blu-ray disc players, companion boxes and related devices. This acquisition specifically strengthens Intel’s product offerings for the continuum of cable gateway products and reinforces Intel’s continued commitment to the cable industry.”

All employees of Texas Instruments’ cable modem team received offers to join Intel at sites in their home countries, primarily Israel, and will become part of Intel’s Digital Home Group. Additional terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The agreement is subject to regulatory review and customary closing conditions. It is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2010.

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  • victorintelr
    I just hope that in the near future I will still be able to connect to internet with my AMD system...
  • irh_1974
    csong50 years ago a company called International Business Machines was really good at making typewriters...

    He's got a point, diversification is a pretty good way to maintain growth & stability.
    Look at Sony, started making radios
    Toshiba, electric lamps
    Samsung, dried fish
    Companies that sit around thinking their single product will last forever get a big shock very quickly, Intel is just doing what everyone else has done before.
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  • nforce4max
    Hmmm getting greedy o Greedtell gobbling yet more of the market.
  • victorintelr
    I just hope that in the near future I will still be able to connect to internet with my AMD system...
  • burnley14
    Just in time for internet usage caps :(