AMD May Detail Netbook CPUs Soon

While nothing is yet official, common logic points to AMD revealing more details on its netbook and UMPC processor solution at its annual Financial Analyst Day in Sunnyvale on Thursday.

With Intel currently running away with the netbook market with the Atom processor, basically unchallenged, AMD must certainly be putting a great deal of effort into coming up with a competitive solution of its own.

AMD revealed that a processor codenamed “Bobcat” was underway at the chipmaker, which is expected to be a simplified x86 core with a thermal design power number no greater than 10 W. believes that AMD will finally pull the covers off the new processor, citing both previous comments from AMD CEO Dirk Meyer as well as a PR firm’s effort to invite the notebook-centric website to the conference.

Meyer said before in a Q3 earnings call, “We will show at the Analyst Conference pictorially how we think about the notebook market. Clearly the so-called netbook is a new form factor, a new market opportunity and one that we are not participating in right now today.”

Stay tuned.

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  • afrobacon
    i hope this new processor does the same thing to low power processors as the 4000 series did to graphics cards. intel needs the competition.
  • Pei-chen
    AMD might as well as abandoning the PC market and focus on handhelds. Instead of focusing on speed, ALD always found an excuse to build an underpowered CPU for a specific market. What happened to the trashy CPU in OLPC; too powerful? For a company the size of AMD, it actually has more processor lines than Intel.
  • smalltime0
    Isn't VIA the only company opposing Intel in the netbooks ATM?
    Definately not a healthy market.