UK Supermarket Asda Launches £5 ($8) Phone

Smartphones might be getting increasingly powerful, but they're also pretty expensive. While a dumbphone isn't half as useful, it still makes calls and sends texts, and it does it at a fraction of the price. (The majority are also probably more durable than your average smartphone and have a battery that lasts for days.)

UK supermarket Asda has introduced an uber cheap dumbphone that it reckons is the UK's 'lowest priced phone.' Manufactured by Alcatel, the features of the phone are fairly limited. It's got a 1.45-inch colour display as well as enough storage for 100 contacts and an FM radio. The phone itself runs on T-Mobile and is £5 on pay as you go.

Though the price probably isn't enough to convince you to give up your web-enable smartphone with a direct line to your email and Skype, it's certainly attractive in the context of an emergency phone for in the car or to take with you when you go camping.

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  • ginjaninja7
    Why does anybody want a phone like that.... lol :-)
  • silverblue
    As stated, for emergencies. A tiny phone like that in your glove box could be helpful, you just need to keep it charged. The FM radio is a nice touch, too.
  • Ijack
    Anonymous said:
    Why does anybody want a phone like that.... lol :-)

    Some people use phones to make phone calls.

    Cheap deals like that, on pay as you go, are fairly common in the UK. An FM radio as well seems to be a good deal.