Opening 60,599,541 Chrome Tabs for $1,000,000

Earlier this month, Google pledged that it would donate money for every Chrome tab opened. The program ran from December 15 through to December 19 and it was capped at $1 million. Thanks to everyone's tabulous efforts, the cap was hit.

The program pledged to donate money to charity based on how many tabs opened during the day.

  • 10 tabs = 1 tree planted
  • 10 tabs = 1 book published and donated
  • 25 tabs = 1 vaccination treatment provided
  • 100 tabs = 1 square foot of shelter built
  • 200 tabs = 1 person's clean water for a year

Each Chrome user chose the causes their tabs would support, and this is where the money is going:

  • $245,278 toward planting trees in the Atlantic Forest, one of the world’s endangered tropical forests.
  • $232,791 toward providing clean water, by building freshwater wells for communities in developing nations.
  • $112,078 toward building shelter, to be constructed by volunteers for impoverished families in Latin America.
  • $267,336 toward administering vaccinations against meningitis to combat outbreaks in Africa.
  • $142,518 toward publishing books by local writers and illustrators, which will be created and donated to schools and libraries across Asia and Africa.

Read more at the Chrome blog.

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  • Jaspel
    ...and how does google know when I open a tab??
  • morerice
    you have to download an extension for chrome if you want to participate in the program. It just counted the tabs and you submitted them at the end of the day (caps at 250 tabs a day)
  • Silmarunya
    Great! Now I just hope they also find a way of keeping track of the money. If these projects are carried out in well governed nations (to regional standards at least) like Brazil, most Asian countries or Ghana for example, this is great. I'm afraid that in defunct states like Congo a lot of money will stick along its way to the project...