Nvidia GTX 465 Shipped to Customer by Accident?

Even though the GeForce GTX 465 hasn't been announced yet, it seems that one may have trickled out to a consumer who purchased a GeForce GTX 470 – and got less than he bargained for.

Username "Moratorius" bought a Galaxy GeForce GTX 470, but had difficulty installing it because the driver didn't recognize it. Through some file editing, he finally got it to install, but still something wasn't quite right.

The card was identifying itself as a GeForce GTX 465 along with having 1024MB of RAM, as opposed to the 1280MB that the GTX 470 is supposed to have.

The core clock of the card runs at 608MHz, and the 1024MB of GDDR5 has a clock speed of 3208MHz. The shaders are clocked at 1215MHz at 256 bits.

All of those specs match up with the leaked Asus GeForce GTX 465, so this could be the real deal.

The story is still developing, so check for the latest word (as well as benchmarks) from the case of the mysterious card on the Overclock.net forums.

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