Samsung Announces Faster Flash Memory For Smartphones

The embedded multimedia card (e-MMC) uses a stack of eight 64 Gb, 20 nm NAND flash memory chips with a toggle DDR 2 interface. It is about 1.4 mm thick and weighs 0.6 grams.

"By starting production of the 64Gb-based 64GB e-MMC solution this year, we are accelerating the pace of adoption of premium embedded memory cards," said Myung Ho Kim, vice president of memory marketing at Samsung in a prepared statement.

According to the company, the device supports sequential read speeds of up to 80 MB/s and sequential write speeds of 40MB/s, which is about three times better than the current product generation. The input/output performance is rated at 400 IOPS.

Samsung shipped its first 64GB e-MMC in January of 2010 using 30n 32Gb NAND flash components, and started producing 64GB eMMC with 20nm-class 32Gb NAND flash late last year. There was no information when the 64 Gb-based flash will be available.

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  • I'm waiting for the "But can it play Crysis" comment....
  • This is fantastic news. I've always been curious why the memory inside smart phones is so behind the times, and it looks like Samsung is finally looking to remedy that.
  • Yet Apple will no longer be buying their flash memory from Samsung.