Samsung Announces Faster Flash Memory For Smartphones

The embedded multimedia card (e-MMC) uses a stack of eight 64 Gb, 20 nm NAND flash memory chips with a toggle DDR 2 interface. It is about 1.4 mm thick and weighs 0.6 grams.

"By starting production of the 64Gb-based 64GB e-MMC solution this year, we are accelerating the pace of adoption of premium embedded memory cards," said Myung Ho Kim, vice president of memory marketing at Samsung in a prepared statement.

According to the company, the device supports sequential read speeds of up to 80 MB/s and sequential write speeds of 40MB/s, which is about three times better than the current product generation. The input/output performance is rated at 400 IOPS.

Samsung shipped its first 64GB e-MMC in January of 2010 using 30n 32Gb NAND flash components, and started producing 64GB eMMC with 20nm-class 32Gb NAND flash late last year. There was no information when the 64 Gb-based flash will be available.

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  • whysobluepandabear
    I'm waiting for the "But can it play Crysis" comment....
  • burnley14
    This is fantastic news. I've always been curious why the memory inside smart phones is so behind the times, and it looks like Samsung is finally looking to remedy that.
  • rhangman
    Yet Apple will no longer be buying their flash memory from Samsung.