3M Unveils 20x and 40x Multi-Touch Screens

3M recently demonstrated 24-inch and 27-inch multi-touch displays that support multi-user capability. The smaller version can detect up to 20 touches, while the larger display can sense up to 40 touches to enable multi-user input and on-screen collaboration.

According to 3M, the displays run at 1920x1080 pixel resolution, sport a 10 ms response time for "advanced multi-touch applications" and a 99 percent accuracy rating for touch positions.

The 27-inch model M2767PW retails for $2,000. Pricing for the 24-inch M2467PW has not been released.

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    Good for shops, airports etc. Useless for home unless you have a bunch of kids. I wouldn't like to see smudges and fingerprints all over my monitor every time I use PC. Plus most people like to sit away from PC and relax. I would welcome some tech at reasonable price that would make coffee table a touchscreen or even touch input. But then again, that would be more used by families.
  • Bloob
    Finally a use for my toes...
  • icemunk
    10ms isn't bad, much better than the 100ms on most touch-screen phones.. I can't wait to see them hitting the 1ms response times soon.