Best Professional Monitors

Professional monitors always come at a premium price but for that extra coin you get multiple color gamut options, factory-certified calibration and often times the ability to create your own color presets with included software and instruments. When you need the absolute pinnacle of color accuracy, one of the screens can fulfill that need, usually without any initial adjustment.

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Best Professional & Wide Color Gamut Monitors

10/12/2017 Update: added the Dell U3415W (earned a 2015 Recommended award) and the BenQ PV3200PT (earned a 2016 Recommended award), and removed the ViewSonic VP2771 (earned a 2017 Recommended award).

10/3/2017 Update: added the AOC U3277PWQU (earned a 2017 Recommended award).

9/1/2017 Update: reviewed the Acer ProDesigner BM320 (no award, not listed).

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Best 24-Inch Wide Gamut Monitors

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Best 27-Inch Professional Monitor

Best 27-Inch Wide Gamut Monitors


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Best 30-Inch Wide Gamut Monitors

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Best 32-Inch Professional Monitors

Best 32-Inch Wide Gamut Monitors

Best 34-Inch Professional Monitor


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  • MissJonze
    Wow, interesting! I am a designer and use the Dell, monitor diagonal 23. I can't say it was the best choice I could make. I would like to have something more professional ))
  • bbruen42
    I'm surprised that Eizo ColorEdge didn't make it into the list. They are ideally suited to professional color work, especially in a larger scale situation where color consistency across multiple systems is critical. Prices are comparable to the higher end of the monitors listed here.
  • drajitsh
    Asus used to make cheap & good PA series monitor, but they have stopped adobeRGB at least in India.
  • DSpider
    2014 was a long-ass time ago.

    Anything new this year? HDR maybe?

    Also, 4k on a 24" monitor is a terrible idea. You need at least 32", ideally 40-43". Even at 27" it would be uncomfortable (and that's WITH Windows' crappy scaling).