Intel's Next-Generation Server Promises

Multi Cores For Servers

As we already outlined in our Pentium D 900 Series preview article, the last processor generation that uses NetBurst is going 'double core' rather than dual core.

While AMD's dual core Athlon 64 X2 and Opteron processors as well as the new dual-core Xeon accommodate two processor cores on one physical die, the 65-nm NetBurst generation (the Pentium 4 6x1 family, Pentium D 900 series and Xeon 5000 series) places two single cores into one processor package.


Sossaman is one of the most interesting processor releases for the beginning of next year. It is based on the same silicon that Intel will use to power dual-core Yonah based notebook computers, but it is going to be validated for server use. The reason for deploying this chip into the professional space is its low thermal design power of only 31 W maximum, which has a 2 GHz clock speed.

According to some benchmark projections we have seen at an Intel server workshop, a dual 2 GHz Sossaman system will deliver roughly the same performance as a twin-CPU dual-core Xeon machine available today and will also offer lower thermal values.

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