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Blu-ray - Page 2


Blu-ray is a disc format used for high-definition multimedia as well as file storage. Whether you're looking to create your own blu-ray discs, or get the most out of your blu-ray videos and audio, Tom's Hardware has the news and reviews you need.

news - MAY 21 28

After weeks, nay months, of rumors, Google today confirmed a partnership with Sony, Intel and Logitech that will see the search giant foray into the TV business in a big way.

news - MAY 13 1

Need pants? Check out this deal for Banana Republic.

news - APRIL 29 47

Avatar has broken Blu-ray sales records and it looks like it may have broken the record for illegal downloading too.

news - APRIL 27 8

It's a me, Mario!

news - MARCH 15 21

Oscar winner the Hurt Locker has topped TorrentFreak's weekly list of the most pirated movies on BitTorrent.

news - JANUARY 18 50

Steve Jobs is a soccer player, SaaS used to fight in the war and phishing is a rude thing on the Internet.

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