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External Storage - Page 3


With several connecting technologies, storage technologies, and a constantly changing warranty landscape, it can be difficult to find the external storage device that meets your needs for speed, reliability, and budget. That's why we provide thorough reviews to help.

news - JANUARY 10 6

We go where no thumb drive has gone before, with Mr. Spock at the helm.

news - JANUARY 9 23

Seagate has released a preliminary result of its fiscal second quarter 2013, or the fourth calendar quarter of 2012.

news - JANUARY 8 23

We get up close and personal with Kingston's new baby.

news - JANUARY 8 22

512 GB version now shipping for $1,750.

news - DECEMBER 23 36

Scientists at MIT announced that they have found and demonstrated the existence "a fundamentally new kind of magnetic behavior" that could make its way into new computer memory devices.

news - DECEMBER 14 13

Don't use your subscription to a cloud storage service for the claim that it is more environmentally friendly than storing your data at home.

news - DECEMBER 14 5

This 128GB external drive has built-in wireless connectivity that supports up to three simultaneous iOS and Android devices.

news - DECEMBER 10 20

It's a customized Linux OS on a bootable drive so that you can surf the internet without leaving a trace on the host PC.

news - DECEMBER 4 6

Here's a backup option for consumers with USB 3.0 and/or Thunderbolt connectivity.

news - NOVEMBER 27 10

RapidShare is making attempt to change its perception of being a platform that is exploited for piracy purposes to transition into the world of the Dropboxes and Google Drives.

news - NOVEMBER 9 10

Here's a good way to transport files from office to office -- just don't lose your car keys.

news - NOVEMBER 6 6

Here's a good way to locally share files with friends and family.

news - NOVEMBER 1 9

We look at a dual band wireless repeater that promises 2.4 GHz coverage of up to 10,000 square feet.

news - OCTOBER 31 35

Every once in a while, when the physical limits of magnetic HDD recording are approached, the hard drive industry experiments with new magnetic recording technologies.

news - OCTOBER 24 18

Western Digital (WD) delivered a solid quarterly result by current standards but reflected a cautious stance toward the potential positive impact of Windows 8 on the PC industry.

news - OCTOBER 24 4

This USB 3.0 stick takes advantage of the Windows To Go feature in Windows 8 Enterprise.

news - OCTOBER 19 11

Here's the perfect companion to your Ultrabook or super-thin notebook that doesn't have a built-in DVD burner.

news - OCTOBER 19 6

This wireless external drive supports up to five simultaneous connections while also providing an Internet connection to eight devices.

reviews - OCTOBER 18 29

Synology has its DS412+ and Thecus has its N4800. Both are four-bay NAS servers equipped with Intel’s Atom D2700 processor. But does Intel's latest low-power platform help these appliances outperform their...

news - OCTOBER 11 16

My Book 4TB external hard drive also announced.

news - OCTOBER 9 5

LaCie has updated its Little Big Disk Thunderbolt series with SSD-based models.

news - OCTOBER 3 2

Silicon Power has added a sleek new portable HDD to its Diamond series.

news - SEPTEMBER 27 18

These USB sticks can store up to 128 GB of data

news - SEPTEMBER 27 9

The perfect flash drive to go along with your new Blu-ray purchase!

news - SEPTEMBER 26 6

Three new entries to LaCie's Rugged line of external drives sport dual interfaces: USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 5

Toshiba is now offering an external USB 3.0 HDD measuring just 9-mm thick.

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