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The latest Smartphones truly do deliver portable computing in the palm of your hand. With so many options to choose from, let Tom's Hardware help you find the perfect Smartphone and Apps to suit your needs.


Thanks to low prices and a gradual increase in both quality and performance, Chinese chip makers are starting to pose serious problems for Qualcomm, Nvidia and others.


Android L looks to be major, but how does the new interface, abandonment of Dalvik and the introduction of new features affect performance?

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news - OCTOBER 17 9

This year's Xperia Z3 didn't bring too much new to the tablet, other than a design refresh, but next year's Xperia Z4 seems to come with much improved hardware.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 15

The SmartWatch is one of the newest tech gadget crazes that is sweeping the populous. The device is exactly what...

news - OCTOBER 16 9

Sony, following Motorola, announced that it's going to upgrade all of its premium Xperia Z devices from 2013 and 2014 to the latest Android 5.0 version, over the coming months.

news - OCTOBER 14 1

We spent some hands-on time with the new Sony Xperia Z3v at an event in New York City.

news - OCTOBER 10 1

We spent some hands-on time with the new HTC Desire EYE smartphone.

news - OCTOBER 9 0

At an event in New York City, Sony announced its new Xperia Z3v flagship smartphone. But it's a Verizon exclusive.

news - OCTOBER 8 1

At an event in New York City, HTC announced the HTC Desire EYE smartphone and the RE camera, a periscope-shaped point-and-shoot.

news - OCTOBER 7 2

Meizu MX4 Pro device was spotted in the wild running Ubuntu Touch. Canonical may finally get its chance to showcase Ubuntu Touch on a real, shipping device.

news - OCTOBER 7 6

Samsung's profits saw a drastic 60 percent decline in the last quarter. The company's revenues also saw a 20 percent decline year over year.

news - OCTOBER 6 0

Here's a new way to detect motion.

news - OCTOBER 6 2

Sprint is now cutting jobs.

news - OCTOBER 3 56

It seems that Apple is no longer sending press samples to a German tech publication.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 25

Project Ara will get hot-swappable modules thanks to Linaro, and the device should be available on the market early 2015.

news - SEPTEMBER 29 23

Consumer Reports puts the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to the test.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 1

Bids need to be placed before October 7.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 20

When iOS 8 users experienced some bugs with the software, Apple released 8.0.1 to try to fix them, but that caused even more bugs. Apple released another update meant to fix both.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 25

Despite a record 10 million-unit launch, the new iPhones have their share of issues from buggy software to bendable bodies. Can this impact Apple's sales performance over the next few months?

news - SEPTEMBER 24 2

Both companies may be talking about a new Windows phone as well as IoT gadgets.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 23

BlackBerry announced a new smartphone today, called the "Passport." The device comes with mostly competitive specs for a flagship, but the strange shape and wide keyboard that's hard to use with one hand may...

news - SEPTEMBER 24 0

HTC announces the 64-bit HTC Desire 820 and Desire 820Q along with Desire 816G for the Indian market, all of which will arrive in the next few weeks.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 2

Huawei Honor Play 4 provides strong competition to the Moto G by having similar specs and a few extras such as more powerful 64-bit ARMv8 chip, LTE and a low price point of only $130.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 3

Here's a good way to stream your Windows 8.1 experience to an HDTV.

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