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Software - Page 20


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - DECEMBER 4 23

Dragonborn comes out tomorrow, so we'll see if what the beta tester says is true.

news - DECEMBER 4 16

The Big Picture mode is now available to all Steam users along with thirty discounted controller-friendly titles.

news - DECEMBER 3 76

Windows PC sales have dropped by more than a fifth since Windows 8 launch.

news - DECEMBER 3 6

Researchers from North Carolina State University and the University of Oregon published some findings on their work with cloud browsers, which could become interesting services for anonymous web browsing.

news - DECEMBER 2 15

Security software maker has released an analysis of a rootkit that recently showed up on the Full Disclosure mailing list.

news - DECEMBER 1 19

Developers will get special OUYA consoles starting December 28.

news - DECEMBER 1 0

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on iPhone apps!

news - DECEMBER 1 7

Acer's new Chromebook is now available in additional retail outlets.

news - NOVEMBER 30 36

THQ's bundle of PC games for Humble Bundle has earned over $2.4 million USD so far.

news - NOVEMBER 30 39

Are you convinced?

news - NOVEMBER 30 10

Chinese electronics chain Suning will reportedly get the Surface smartphone first.

news - NOVEMBER 30 31

Microsoft Security Essentials received a protection score of 1.5 out of 6.0, thus keeping it from reaching AV-TEST certification.

news - NOVEMBER 30 15

You can add 'software updates,' to the list of life's certainties.

news - NOVEMBER 30 48

U.S. PC sales dropped by more than a fifth when compared compared to sales during same period in 2011.

news - NOVEMBER 30 14

Rejoice! Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is out... but only for PC.

reviews - NOVEMBER 30 65

Today is our very first Web Browser Grand Prix on Android. Unlike iOS, Android-based tablets have real competition between browsers. So, how do Chrome, Dolphin, Firefox, Maxthon, Opera Mobile, and Sleipnir...

news - NOVEMBER 29 27

This Humble Bundle isn't just indie games.

news - NOVEMBER 29 1

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on internet radio apps!

news - NOVEMBER 29 12

Chrysler used Forza Horizon to introduce its new Viper sportscar to the world, so it should not be too surprising that other car manufacturers are following.

news - NOVEMBER 29 77

Most of the Windows 8 adopters chose the desktop because it's more familiar.

news - NOVEMBER 29 9

The Oculus Rift developer kits won't start shipping until March 2013 thanks to design changes and other factors.

news - NOVEMBER 29 10

Firefox just released the first beta of Firefox 18, which will be a milestone release for Mozilla as it introduces the IonMonkey JIT compiler.

news - NOVEMBER 28 6

No more writing hateful reviews behind an alias.

news - NOVEMBER 28 3

Foxconn has reportedly received smartphone orders from both Amazon and Microsoft.

news - NOVEMBER 28 63

Microsoft's cheap upgrade price probably fueled Microsoft's quick 40 million milestone.

news - NOVEMBER 28 8

PC game modders can now get their hands on the source code for Doom 3: BFG Edition.