Opel's Futuristic EV Concept is Full of Awesome

Reducing our carbon footprint and dependency on oil (both foreign and domestic) are two major goals for the advancement of our society, so every step towards a more efficient electric vehicle is an important one. The latest example, the Rak E (rack-ee) is a conceptual vehicle that hopes to provide an affordable, efficient electronic method of transportation. Designed by Opel in collaboration with Kiska, the concept features a lightweight design focused on mobility and efficiency. 

Opel Experimental Vehicle

The pilot cockpit design gives the vehicle more of sleek design and aerodynamic functionality to the vehicle, while the display also provides information about the environment that the driver finds itself in. The vehicle itself can operate for 61 miles on a three hour charge. While not ideal for long range commutes unless charging stations can be found along the way, the vehicle itself is certainly a step in the right direction in cleaning up our resource consumption and carbon footprint on our environment. For more photos of the stunning concept, head on over to the Yanko Design article.

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  • azraa
    Then you crash... aaaaaand you're dead.

    Still, I am into these electric cars, I really like them, and hope they get to my country soon, but with more down-to-earth designs
    Kudos on the development, Opel
  • Anonymous
    I want to see more Compressed Air cars!
  • k1wi
    No reason why it can't meet the same crash test standards. Being a single seater it looks like it has a lot of crush zones.