Brabus Transforms Mercedes Into High Tech Office, Lounge

Brabus has taken the concept of taking work on the road to the next level with their luxury mobile office Mercedes-Benz Viano—the Brabus iBusiness 3D.  Nothing says style and comfort like spacious all leather seating, multiple displays (Sony 3DTVs of course), an Apple Mac Mini, dual iPads, a refrigerator and coffee maker (for those extra-long days on the road, stuck in traffic). 

Brabus Mercedes Van

For breaktime and lunch break, you’ll be able to unwind with the on board Sony PlayStation 3 or take a quick nap being soothed by the iPod Touch controlled multimedia system. For the ride home, the built in bar takes the edge off—especially for those long awaited Friday nights to kick off a weekend away from the office. With this amount of luxury and utility, whatever your business, the iBusiness 3D gives you a mobile work powerhouse fortress to keep your work and pleasure mixed up like a fruit salad.


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  • nforce4max
    Sick isn't it when one considers how most people in this world are for the most part forced to work in relative discomfort. Everything from tiny cubicles where there is so little room one can barely move while others work in sweatshop conditions. What a world where the high class office drone "works" in better conditions than most even the middle class gets to live x.x
  • victorious 3930k
  • victorious 3930k
    However over a year old.