Consumer Reports: Fisker Karma Hybrid Car is Full of Flaws

Plenty of reviewers have complained about the build quality and there have been reports of sudden fires, but the published reviews have been rather forgiving noting the unique shape and standout design of the vehicle. Consumer Reports, however, is less forgiving.

In a comparison with Porsche's Panamera sedan, the publication said the Karma "is full of flaws".  Consumer Reports complained about a tight cabin, problematic visibility, confusing dashboard controls, an unrefined roar as well as substantial weight that impacts the car's agility.

Consumer Report's conclusion: "Although we found its ride, handling and braking performance sound and it has first-class interior materials, the Karma’s problems outweighed the good," said ,” Jake Fisher, the magazine’s director of vehicle testing. The magazine's test vehicle was purchased and carried a sticker of $107,850.

Fisker reportedly has sold more than 1,900 Karmas so far.


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