Jaguar Pulls Plug On C-X75 Supercar

The manufacturer said that production will not extend five prototypes and the cars’ future that will largely be limited to museum units and roadshows.

The company said that the current economy would not support a vehicle with the exorbitant price tag the C-X75 would have carried. Speculation had the hybrid supercar in the $1.3 to $1.6 million range. The prototypes were not equipped with the gas turbines of the original show car, but were powered by electric motors and a 3-cylinder, high-pressure 1.6 liter engine that Jaguar said delivered an output similar to a 6-cylinder. Total system power was estimated in the 800 hp range.

Jaguar noted that even if the C-X75 will not be entering its planned 250 unit production run, some of its technologies are likely to find its way into mass market vehicles. Those who wanted to purchase one of the C-X75s, will have to find other options, but there are some interesting alternatives coming, including Ferrari’s successor of the Enzo supercar, which is said to be offering 920 hp, including electric motors.

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  • mlopinto2k1
    Damn, I was really looking forward to picking this up. NOT.
  • eklipz330
    they must have had other reasons. people with disposable incomes love expensive cars, they would have surely sold 250 of these. the "current economy" doesn't affect those who are beyond loaded, like the upper .05%.
  • madjimms
    I'd love to just have the engine! 800hp from a 3 cylinder (diesel cycle) gasoline engine.
  • If i had $1.6 million and was asked which car to buy, either a Jaguar C-X75, or a Bugatti Veyron, i'll go with the Veyron.
  • apache_lives
    what an odd looking computer...
  • abbadon_34
    apache_liveswhat an odd looking computer...
    I couldn't have said it better (but was waiting util after Christmas to be charitable)
  • assasin32
    hastenTBH I think the Veyron is quite ugly. Just my opinion and to each their own. Can't argue with the performance though - I read that they had to have special street tires made cause the top speed was blowing through anything commercially available. If I were rich - I would probably try to get my hands on a Lexus LFA, Ferrari F12, or Lamro Aventador at 1/3 the price instead of either of those cars... Or if I hit the 7 digit mark definitely a Reventon.
    If I HAD to spend an insane amount of money on a fast car I get one custom built. Basically it would look like an old muscle car on the outside but made with lightweight materials, exotic metals, carbon fiber, etc etc. And all the technological advancements to help produce the best HP, Handling, Safety money can buy. Primary reason for this is quite simple I like my old muscle cars and I can easily see myself driving one. Where as driving a million dollar sports car, I would look out of place.
  • fuzzion
    apache_liveswhat an odd looking computer...
    Actually it is. The CX75 actually had a quad core ecu with over 27 sensors and 4gb of onboard ram
  • maxinexus
    Looks like brick with wheels...oh wait it is a battery with wheels.
  • Sumukh_Bhagat
    I bought this car already. No joke!
    Yes really, I have one.
    I ran it at a speed of 300m/hr :lol:

    Plastic Scale Model one :p