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Mitnick May Sue AT&T Over Account Breach

Yesterday we reported that Mitnick had been told by both AT&T and the company that hosts his site to find service elsewhere. Apparently being Kevin Mitnick means a lot of people like to launch attacks on your website and breach your AT&T account only to post your personal details on the web.

CNet today reports that Kevin wanted compensation from AT&T. Unfortunately for Mitnick, AT&T wasn't having any of it. Now, Mitnick says he might sue.

"My attorney is going to review my contract to see what, if any, restrictions are in my service agreement," he said. "I may file a lawsuit for invasion of privacy for the failure to adequately protect my information."

"AT&T wants me off their network because they can't secure my account, and after being a loyal customer for almost a decade I find that reprehensible," he told CNet News on Thursday. "It apparently is more cost effective to drop me than to secure their customer's information."

Do you think Mitnick has the right to sue AT&T for terminating his contract? Let us know in the comments below!

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