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Prank Forces Siri to Swear at a 12-year-old Boy

Apple's voice activated assistant Siri is a lot of things, but foul-mouthed is not one of them. However, it seems one prankster in the United Kingdom discovered a way to force Siri swear. And swear he did, at a 12-year-old boy.*

According to the Telegraph, 12-year-old Charlie Le Quesne was at the Tesco branch in Coventry when the incident occurred. The boy was playing with a display unit iPhone 4S and asked Siri the world's population. His parents were horrified when the answer the phone gave included 'shut the f*ck up you ugly tw*t.'

The mystery was quickly solved when the boy's mother, Kim, complained to Tesco staff. As any Siri user will know, the Apple assistant refers to the user by name according to what's entered in the set-up instructions. Staff say someone had tampered with this feature, entering in the phrase as the username on the phone. However, in a statement, Tesco said that it would be sending the phone back to Apple, anyway.

"We have launched an investigation. The handset will be going back to Apple for diagnostic tests," the Telegraph cites the retailer as saying.

*For those unaware, Siri has a male voice in the United Kingdom.