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Windows 8 Tutorials Mega-Thread

Hey there Tom's Hardware Community!
Are you having issues with Windows 8?  Did you take the plunge into the Metro UI and need help?  Are BSODs, downgrading, driver issues and performance problems getting the better of you in the latest version of Windows?
Well, fret no longer fellow Tomsian!
The Tom's Hardware Community has come to the rescue with a compendium of Windows 8 Tutorials to show you how to fix and tweak and remedy any ol' problem you might be having in Windows 8.
Check out our large and still-growing list of Tutorials on Windows 8 here on the forums:
You can also add your own to our new Tutorials section at:
Or, if your Windows 8 question isn't covered already, let us know about it in the Windows 8 category and get yourself an answer post-haste!
Visiting official representatives from Microsoft and dozens of Windows 8 experts are standing by to help you customize and configure your Windows 8 experience to your liking.  I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to make a desired transition to the new OS as easy (and painless) as possible! :)
See you on the forums, friends!
Warm Regards,
Joe Pishgar
Community Manager, Tom's Hardware

Joe Pishgar
Joe Pishgar is the Community Director of Tom's Hardware US. He oversees the number one tech enthusiast forum in the world.