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21 Slot-1 Motherboards using VIA Chipsets

Shuttle AV61

Board Revision: 1.4

BIOS Version: S027 (November 10, 1999)

This time I will give you the performance rating first: I'm sorry to say, but the Spacewalker board is definitely the slowest of this review, even though this motherboard has been available for some time now.

The hardware makes quite a good impression: Five PCI slots, two ISA slots, UltraDMA/66, two USB, two serial ports, one parallel port, common wake features and the choice of either setting jumpers or doing all the setup in the CPU Features menu of the Award BIOS. As with most other board, this one does also allow the DRAM frequency to be reduced by 33 MHz. Hence you can use a CPU running at 133 MHz FSB while using memory at 100 MHz clock speed. 768 MByte SDRAM can be hosted max. Shuttle did not include ECC support, by the way.

To summarize, the hardware outfit is average, while the performance is not quite acceptable. This is the second board, which does not perform as expected. As with RioWorks, Shuttle's manual is great as well. At least the Shuttle board was absolutely stable during all tests.