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A Real Nail-Biter: Four Boards With ALi Magik 1

Benchmark Results In Detail

Office Performance: Sysmark 2000

Sysmark 2000 analyzes the office performance of a system by containing various well-known applications. The Asus A7A266 places just above the other test candidates in combination with DDR SDRAM memory and in competition with the VIA KT133A and AMD760 chipset. It only achieves these results with very aggressive timing settings in the BIOS setup. The Transcend lands solidly in last place.

OpenGL Game Performance: Quake 3 Arena

The long familiar OpenGL benchmark "Quake 3 Arena" is the domain of the AMD760 chipset, so the MSI K7 Master takes the top spot. Excepting the Transcend, which is again in last place, the candidates with the ALi Magik 1 chipset come behind the MSI. When SDRAM memory is used, the frame rates fall back by several percentage points. This is particularly apparent in the case of the Asus A7A266.