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Facelift: The ATi Radeon 9600 XT

MS Flight Simulator 2004

This is the newest version of Microsoft's immensely popular "Flight Simulator" series. Performance was measured with FRAPS in a replay we recorded during a flight. The settings: starting from Seattle-Tacoma in a 737-400 with a reduced cockpit (hotkey: w), climbing into the clouds, then taking a route over the city. Settings: ultra high, trilinear, unlimited fps, and weather set to "building storms."

Unfortunately, NVIDIA's v44.03 driver would only run in 1024x768. At higher resolutions, the image would become distorted, moving the scene towards the top of the monitor. This pushed the cockpit off the monitor, making the game unplayable and the scores consequently irrelevant.

As before, the 9600 XT keeps up the tradition of being faster than the Pro, which also means it retains its clear lead over the FX 5600 Ultra.