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High-End Gear: HP Photosmart 7960 and Scanjet 4600

75ppp Scans

hp scanjet 4600, 75dpi

Epson CX3200, 75dpiEpson Perfection 3200 Photo, 75dpi

The 75dpi resolution is the best weight/quality one for website graphics. The two Epson scans look close to the original, while the hp scan is more (too) saturated and yellow (so less like the original photo). It also seems less clear, probably due to deliberate accentuation, but this is not a resounding success.

600ppp Scans

hp scanjet 4600, 600dpi

Epson CX3200, 600dpiEpson Perfection 3200 Photo, 600dpi

Same thing again: the two Epson prints are close to the original while the hp, as in 75dpi, is too yellow, too saturated and its accentuation does nothing for the image.