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Hitachi DeskStar 7K250: A New King of Performance?

The DeskStar 7K250 In Detail, Continued

The drive's heat development, compared with the previous model, also made a positive showing. Whereas we measured up to 53°C for the DeskStar 180GXP, the 7K250 reaches a maximum temperature on the side of the case of 46°C after several hours of operation - worlds apart from the other drive. Just when the computer should be at its quietest, the number of fans has to be reduced. The new Hitachi drives are should make this possible.

The underside of the drive in the Hitachi - or previously IBM - is traditionally uncovered. Seagate usually covers its electronics with a thin sheet-metal plate, Western Digital positions the chips on the other side of the board.

What's this? Certain components still come directly from IBM.

Hitachi offers various jumper settings. Usually only the master or slave is important; in very few cases, the master must be selected with a specific slave (far right).