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Weird and Wonderful PCs: Your Stories Part 2

The Ugliest Thing You'll Ever See, But We Love It

From: Chris Martin

My little brother and I decided to make a computer case completely out of floor tile. You know that thin little crappy vinyl tiling that people put on their floor? With the motherboard, CPU, fan, etc. inside, it is a fully functional and working computer.

It has many fans in it to keep it cool, including a big fan in the front that we felt made it look like a jet we attached wings to it. The wings double as cup-holders (we made holes in the wings and attached mesh underneath so you can put your pop cans/pop bottles in it with no chance of them falling over).

Internally, the computer is not just a computer, either. We attached a relay to one of the power cables so that we could use the computer to flip devices on and off. We attached a power bar to this, so now my brother's monitor, speakers and a bunch of cool-looking Christmas lights we put around his room turn on when the computer does. It looks ridiculous with all these bright lights making the entire room glow when his computer is on.

Not just that, but all the TVs in the house are connected to it through an RF modulator that we connected to the S-video output of his video card. We can now see his computer screen in any room of the house, and since he has a wireless keyboard and mouse, he can use his computer from any room in the house that has a TV set.

Needless to say, it's just about the ugliest looking thing you'll ever see, but my God do we ever love it.