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Win, Lose or Ti: 21 GeForce Titanium Boards

Gigabyte - So Blue

The Taiwanese company is represented in this field with its GeForce3 Ti200 board. Due to its blue PCB and the blue orb-type chip cooler, the card bears a strong resemblance to the Hercules Prophet 3D series. As a historical side note, Gigabyte used blue PCBs before Hercules.

Gigabyte Tundra Ti200

The card and its features:

Graphics CardHardwareSoftware
Gigabyte Tundra Ti200GeForce3 Ti200: 175 MHz64 MB, 3,8 ns, 400 MHzGPU FanMemory HeatsinksTV-Out (Bt869KRF)DVIDriver-CDPowerDVD v3.0Motocross ManiaSerious SamEvo 4x4OniRuneHeavy Metal FAKK2

The driver package consists of the usual fare: reference driver and extra tools. The card's extensive gaming bundle is quite impressive, though, and should be of particular interest to first-time buyers, as almost all game genres are represented here.