Bioware Details Mass Effect 2 Collectors' Edition

You've got the obligatory tin case, the 48-page Art of Mass Effect 2 in hardcover, the first issue of Mass Effect Redemption (comic book), and a making-of DVD. 

There'll also be some in-game perks not available through other means but details are sparse as to what they might be. Those of you looking for other in-game exclusives should look into pre-ordering as you can benefit from additional armor.

The CE version will retail for $69.99 on the Xbox 360 and $59.99 on the PC, which is about a tenner more than the standard edition price. Worth it if you'd class yourself as a diehard fan. Let the countdown to January 26 begin!

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  • michaelahess
    Because the PC ROCKS and the consoles SUCK. Just sayin'
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  • Jarvis
    Does anyone watch those making of DVDs? I really don't see the value in a lot of these collector's editions.
  • ssalim
    Why is the PC $10 less?
  • megamanx00
    Yeah, those making of DVDs seem more awesome before you actually watch them :D. I watch them sometimes after I beat the game.