Google Staff's Bonuses Depend on Social Success

Google’s various forays into the social networking market haven’t exactly gone according to plan. Between the only mildly popular Orkut and the privacy fiasco that was Buzz, the folks at Mountain View must be desperate to get it right just once. Now it looks as though they’ll have a little extra incentive to make the social angle a success: Part of their bonuses will depend on it.

Rounding out his first week as CEO of Google, co-founder Larry Page recently made a ballsy decision: A quarter of every employee’s bonus will depend on the success of Google’s efforts in the social arena. In a memo titled “2011 Bonus Multiplier” the new CEO informed staff that based on the company’s social success, they could get anywhere between .75 and 1.25 of their targeted bonus.

“If we’re successful in reaching our goal of integrating relationships, sharing and identity across our products your Q4 bonus could be bigger. If not, your Q4 bonus could be less than target.”

"This is a joint effort so it's important that we all get behind it," Page said in the memo obtained by Business Insider.

However, Googlers with little faith in the search giant’s ability to deliver will be pleased to note that this will only affect bonuses for the fourth quarter.

“Since the multiplier will be measured at the end of the year, it will apply only to the Q4 bonus. Q1, Q2 and Q3 bonuses will be paid out as usual.”

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  • xambron
    I don't think social networking is going to get any stronger than what it has become or what it was.
  • fyasko
    what is social success? google can't possibly be more "socially successful" then now. everyone who correctly uses the internet uses google, android is huge... i don't get it. someone asks me for directions i say to them "google it" and they do using their android phone... maybe he means that everyone at google has to be on facebook/twitter?
  • fyasko
    PS their is to much "networking" and not enough REAL socializing these days. chatting online isn't REAL communication!