XP Users Aren't Really Jumping on Windows 7

Here's no big surprise: Windows XP users aren't really jumping on the Windows 7 express. Why? Because they're comfortable. Because they're afraid of change thanks to the blunders with Windows Vista. InfoWorld verifies that analysis, claiming that its Windows Pulse tracking service determined that 64-percent of its readers still use the legacy operating system.

According to the survey, 4-percent of real-world PC consumers now use Windows 7, many of which are new users, and not those who have upgraded from Vista or (if any) XP. InfoWorld claims that 10-percent of its readers now use the new OS, with Vista running at the 30-percent level.

"As Windows 7 picks up user share, it seems to be making most of its gains at the expense of Vista," InfoWorld reports. "In fact, there seems to be a direct correlation between Windows 7 adoption and Vista abandonment, with the latter losing a percentage point and the former gaining the same in a little over a week."

It's speculated that the early Windows 7 "surge" will eventually come to a slow grind as the hype wears off and corporations begin to refresh their systems with Windows 7.

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  • Anonymous
    Eh, Windows 7 was just released a few weeks ago. One can hardly expect a massive upgrade in such a short time. Besides, unless users have upgraded their hardware and carried over their old XP, it's likely that they will want to upgrade their hardware first.

    I happen to fall into that category. While my current machine can run Windows 7 without trouble, I want to wait until I have my new gaming rig before I go through all the trouble of a new OS installation.
  • marsax73
    I'll keep running XP until Win 7 makes it to SP1. That's only another year. By then, I will be able to upgrade my pc to better specs. Until then, XP runs just fine.
  • bydesign
    They will be refreshed with new PC's no reason for anyone to really upgrade consumer or corporate.