Surface Pro 2 Gets Teardown Treatment

It's been just days since Microsoft's second generation Surface hit the market, its release timed with Windows 8.1. We went hands on with the device at Microsoft's event in September. But until we've had time to finish our review testing, we rely on the likes of iFixit.


The iFixit team has torn into the Surface Pro 2 and notes that Microsoft has switched from a Micron/Marvell SSD to SK Hynic HFS128G3AMNB 128 GB mSATA 6.0 Gbps SS. There’s also a Core i5-4200U CPU, 2 GB of Mobile DDR2 RAM (four ICs for 4 GB in total) an Atmel MXT154E Touchscreen Controller, an Atmel UC256L3U 32-bit AVR Microcontroller, a Marvell Avastar 88W8797 Integrated 2x2 WLAN/Bluetooth/FM Single-Chip SoC, an MXIC MX25L4006EZNI 4Mbit SPI Flash, a Texas Instruments TPS5162 (ACTIVE) 2-Phase DCAP+ Step-Down Controller, a Texas Instruments TPS51367 Integrated FET Converter, a Winbond 25Q128FVSQ Serial Flash, Winbond 25X05CL Serial Flash, and a Winbond 25X40CL1G 4 Mb Flash.

In total, the guys at iFixit found more than 90 screws along with a battery that is stuck to the rear case and a glued down display. This is combined with an LCD and digitiser that are fused, all of which combined scores the Surface Pro 2 a 1 out of 10 on iFixit’s repairability scale. Still, if you do want to repair one of these at home, you can check out iFixit’s guide here.

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  • ... I thought the pro2 used LPDDR3? The rest of it isn't exactly unexpected. MS is not exactly known for making things that are fixable.
  • i5-4200U dual-core (4 threads) 1.6Ghz looks very good to compare with A7 dual-core 1.3Ghz. They all run 64bit..

    I want to see the performance of these two????
  • Why is the source Toms; shouldn't it be iFixit?