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Tesoro Intros Excalibur Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US | B 7 comments

PC gamers looking for a new mechanical keyboard should take a look at what Tesoro has to offer. The company typically names its keyboards after famous swords, its mice after weapons you can throw or shoot, and its mouse pads after shields. Tesoro’s latest mechanical keyboard release is named after King Author’s sword, the Excalibur.

The new keyboard supports 6-Key Rollover or N-Key Rollover, the latter of which means that each key is independently scanned by the operating system no matter how many are pressed. Users can switch between these modes by using a special function key.

The keyboard also provides 512 KB of internal memory so that gamers can program their macros without needing to install software on the desktop or laptop. All keys are programmable, allowing users to have 300 macro keys and 2,000 key presses for each of the five profiles.

“The Excalibur looks as good as it plays with 4 levels of LED backlighting with dimming and 5 levels of on-key LED illumination. Keys can also be individually illuminated,” the press release said.

The Excalibur’s specifications also include an anti-slip rubberized foot design to reduce slippage during heated moments, a 1000 Hz polling rate, gaming-grade mechanical switches with a lifespan of 60 million key presses and the customer’s choice of using Blue, Brown or Red switches.

Tesoro plans to launch this keyboard in mid-September for $89 on Amazon, NCIX, Newegg and Tesoro’s own website. This should be a good investment for PC gamers that are on a budget. Still, for customers wanting a bit more in their gaming keyboard, Tesoro has a number of alternatives listed here, including the Colada Saint, the Durandal family and more.

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    RoxasForTheWin , August 21, 2014 11:25 AM
    Mechanical and Leds for less than 100$? I'll have to keep my eye on this
  • 3 Hide
    MrGulio , August 21, 2014 11:43 AM
    Backlit with blue switches for $90?

    I bought a CM Storm Quickfire Pro for $110 and thought I got a pretty good deal, tell me this thing is filled with medical waste.
  • 0 Hide
    DarkSable , August 21, 2014 2:23 PM
    That's a backlit Leopold - or at least has the same maker and exact design.

    They're very, very good keyboards, and have to be bought overseas if you're in the US. (They're a UK based company.)
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    TheMentalist , August 21, 2014 3:14 PM
    Hopefully it releases in different led colors.
  • 1 Hide
    RedJaron , August 21, 2014 3:39 PM
    As others have said, full mech, backlit, and programmable for under $100? That is tempting indeed.
  • 0 Hide
    falchard , August 21, 2014 6:31 PM
    Tt eSports has the mechanical keyboard market won in the foreseeable future. Metal key caps... Metal key caps.
  • 0 Hide
    SyntheticCoyote , September 16, 2014 9:29 AM
    The Tt eSports Metal caps are not guaranteed to hit the market at all... Kinda like the concept cars you see at auto shows... If they do, by god I will get them in a heartbeat. There are a lot of mechanical keyboards on the market now since the Cherry MX patent is out of date.
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