CPU Performance Overview Q1/1999

D - CPU 3D Gaming Performance

This time I used NVIDIA's RIVA TNT instead of 3Dfx's Voodoo2 for the Quake2-performance comparison chart. I did this because it is more valid when looking at other games than Quake 2. AMD has a special 3DNow!-patch for the combination of Quake2 and Voodoo2, but this patch does not exist for other games. Thus it's not really representative using the most ideal environment for K6-2.

For Intel CPUs I ran Quake2 3.20 , for AMD CPUs Quake2 3.19 with AMD's Quake2 patch for 3.19 , video mode '3Dnow! OpenGL' selected.

The same with overclocked CPUs:

This chart shows that the current Intel CPUs do still have the clear lead in 3D-gaming and I doubt that any hardcore gamer is really using K6-2. However, K6-2 is still sticking up pretty fine and can certainly be used for most 3D games out there just fine. Quake 2 at 1024x768 without a Voodoo2 is pretty tough with the K6-2 though.

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