System Review: Digital Storm's Gaming Dominator

Benchmark Results: 3D Games

With such a large difference between the graphics configurations of these $3,869 and $2,233 systems, the point of game tests is to prove the Digital Storm Gaming Dominator’s ability to at least reach an average of 40 FPS across as many test resolutions and settings as possible.

Most users won’t need the power of Maingear’s 3-way SLI configuration in Call of Duty: World at War, since the Gaming Dominator’s single GeForce GTX 295 gets twice the required average frame rate at 2560x1600, extra textures, 4x AA, and max AF.

Crysis remains playable on the cheaper system up to 2560x1600 at High detail levels, but changing to Very High and adding AA drops both systems out of our highest resolution.

Far Cry 2 plays at incredible speed on both systems, at high quality and no AA. Ultra-High quality settings provide a good excuse to drop the Gaming Dominator to 4x AA or 1920x1200, but neither of those had been tested on the Maingear Ephex. The Ephex pulls through the highest settings smoothly.

The cheaper Gaming Dominator makes easy work of World in Conflict at all settings.