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Benchmark Results: Audio/Video Encoding

System Builder Marathon: $500 Gaming PC

Audio / Video Encoding

Overclocking the $500 system provided a huge reduction in the time needed for iTunes to encode our 53 minute wave file to ACC.

Results of the $500 overclocked PC are truly impressive for audio encoding. In Lame, we see an even larger percentage reduction in time spent encoding the same file to MP3.

The DivX encoder took over 10 minutes to complete on our stock clocked system, but the same job took 03:40 less running at our high clock speeds. The percentage of time saved with the Xvid encoder was almost as impressive.

In Mainconcept, our overclocked budget machine once again gets the job finished far quicker than it does at stock speeds.

So far, we have seen impressive gains throughout the entire audio/video encoding suite when running our higher CPU and FSB clock speeds, but we will have to wait and see if this will be enough to challenge either of the more expensive systems at their stock speeds.

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