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DVD Player: Custom Decoding

High-End Audio: Creative and Terratec

Creative still doesn't provide any DVD video player software with its sound cards. This will disappoint a lot of people. On the other hand, the decoding possibilities are numerous. Using DVD playback software, such as Power DVD, can also be used to decode the disk.

To obtain an AC3 flow on the S/PDIF output and to enable external Dolby Digital decoding, the "peripheral controls" function must be selected.

Creative still continues to ignore DTS, and limits available choices to Dolby sound, except for Dolby Pro-Logic II.

The CMSS system's features, which allow stereo sound to be mixed at up to a 6.1 channel configuration, are not very clearly explained. That said, normal usage is still with DVD playback though most people use Dolby Digital (5.1). It should be pointed out that the two Creative cards are THX-certified, a well-recognized brand.

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