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Benchmark Results: 3D Games

System Builder Marathon: Performance & Value

Crysis has always put a strain on the latest hardware when visual quality or video resolution is increased, and our $4,500 PC was the only one that could smoothly play at resolutions in excess of 1920x1200 pixels. We narrowed our results to more realistic resolutions, but found that our highest-priced system was required for smooth game play even at an ordinary 1680x1050 resolution.

In Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, our $1,500 PC survives to 1920x1200 pixels resolution with anti-aliasing turned off. Only our best machine could perform smoothly at high resolutions with anti-aliasing on, and the cheapest system couldn’t even cope at our lowest settings. However, some choppiness and/or lower details may be acceptable to many RTS players.

Unreal Tournament 3 players will be happy to see the $500 PC showing excellent performance at all settings.

Our second RTS game is perfectly playable by the $1,500 PC, though once again some choppiness in the $500 system will be acceptable to many players of this gaming genre.

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