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Laptops - Page 19


Whether you're looking for extreme portability, high-performance gaming on-the-go, a portable workstation replacement, or the best value on a budget, Tom's Hardware has the reviews, specifications, and benchmarks to help you find what matters most to you in a laptop.

news - JUNE 7 8

Freescale will be offering a new sensor that integrates many more functions than your typical smartphone or tablet sensor beginning in Q3.

news - JUNE 7 11

Lenovo unveiled two new ultrabooks that are going on sale in the U.S. this month.

news - JUNE 7 4

Lenovo will soon begin offering its Thinkpad Edge E430 and E530 with a Sandisk U100 mSATA SSD to boost performance.

news - JUNE 6 3

NEC provides a smidgen more information on its Lavie Z ultrabook.

news - JUNE 6 7

MSI does convertible ultrabook with a twist (or should we say slide?).

news - JUNE 6 1

Fujitsu revealed two new Ultrabooks, three desktops and a refreshed notebook during Computex 2012.

news - JUNE 6 10

We get a quick preview of Samsung's latest notebook featuring the newest Intel architecture.

news - JUNE 5 38

Rumors point to a massive Mac update at WWDC next week.

news - JUNE 5 8

Asus has taken the wraps off three rather unusual computers at Computex in Taipei.

news - JUNE 5 6

Acer shows off its new things for Computex 2012.

news - JUNE 5 8

Samsung also has new products ready to show to the world along with the madness that is Computex 2012.

news - JUNE 5 9

Sony has introduced its new Vaio Ultrabook and a number of new Vaio laptops (plus an AIO).

news - JUNE 4 9

Consumers looking for a new notebook will find Nvidia's latest mobile GPU in Origin PC's two gaming notebooks.

news - JUNE 3 9

Sony is one of the first major notebook manufacturers to update the overall UI of its notebooks with a gesture interface.

news - JUNE 2 13

Vizio is officially launching its very first computers this month.

news - JUNE 1 9

What's Apple going to announce at WWDC next month?

news - MAY 31 25

Stanford researchers may have found the solution to making lithium-ion batteries last longer

news - MAY 30 4

You're running a notebook and you want to make the jump to a SSD but are worried about the software migration? Corsair has you covered with its new Force Series 3 SSD Notebook Upgrade Kits.

news - MAY 30 21

Google and Samsung have launched second-generation Chrome OS products.

news - MAY 29 8

Two new mobile Ivy Bridge CPUs have surfaced in charts.

news - MAY 27 26

Toshiba no longer plans to offer netbooks in North America.

news - MAY 24 13

HP today announced that it would lay off thousands of workers. The company today confirmed last week's rumors that it planned to cut between 8 and 10 percent of its workforce as part of a massive restructuring...

news - MAY 23 27

Batteries apparently have become the focus in an effort to reduce the system cost of Ultrabooks.

picture story - MAY 17 76

We wanted to know if our AMD C-50 equipped netbook can be more than a word processor and movie player. So, we tried a bunch of games we thought might run smoothly at 720p. The resulting list is also a worthy...

news - MAY 15 20

The i7-3820QM shows its muscles in two unreleased Apples, a MacBook Pro and iMac.

reviews - MAY 15 165

AMD steps up to the plate with an all-new processor. Armed with the updated Piledriver CPU core and VLIW4 graphics architecture, the Trinity APU represents an impressive improvement over the Llano generation....