VIDEO: Adreno 220 GPU in Desert Winds Demo

During Mobile World Congress 2011, Qualcomm presented a "Desert Winds" demo using its new Adreno 220 GPU and the dual-core Snapdragon MSM8660 chipset, showing insanely impressive console-like 3D graphics as the female warrior Amira took on a giant jumping scorpion named Alacran.

"Desert Winds was shown in stereoscopic and non-stereoscopic 3D via HDMI out to a 55-inch HD LCD display," the company said. "As with Qualcomm’s other dual-core Snapdragon MSM8660 demos at the show, the new Desert Winds game was running on the Snapdragon Mobile Development Platform (MDP), which is a device available to developers who want early access to Snapdragon chipsets and Adreno GPUs."

The Desert Winds game demo, which was both interactive and non-interactive, showcased the processor's impressive capabilities including advanced particle physics and vertex skinning, full-screen post-processing shader effects, dynamic lighting with full-screen alpha blending, real-time cloth simulation, advanced shader effects like dynamic shadows, god rays, bump mapping and reflections, and 3D animated textures.

"With more Android devices based on Snapdragon and Adreno and with over 100 games optimized for Snapdragon and Adreno, it seems clear that the mobile industry is already well aware of the many advantages that Snapdragon and its Adreno GPU [offer]," said Brent Sammons, graphics product manager, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies.

"In my opinion, it was apparent at this year’s Mobile World Congress that Qualcomm is well-positioned to continue its strong momentum in providing OEMs and 3D game developers with a powerful and efficient graphics platform that brings more of the industry’s latest and best 3D games to more smartphones, tablets and laptops everywhere," he added.

To see the Adreno 220 GPU in action, check out the Desert Winds demo, shown below.

  • nforce4max
    Not bad, now make a decent competing card for the desktop market.
  • ProDigit10
    I wonder if this is playing back a pre-rendered movie file, at a resolution of 480p or full HD res?
  • The characters dont cast any shadows!! Hopefully this is a early demo
  • saaiello
    Meh I see nothing special especially if this is something pre rendered Iphone has had graphics like this for how long now?
  • rantoc
    nforce4maxNot bad, now make a decent competing card for the desktop market.
    You been living under a rock? There been cards capable of that for years in the PC market. Only now have they managed to make the basic ones power efficient enough to be portable within the limited power budget a mobile device has to offer.

    It can in no way touch the pc cards in performance, heck i bet the lowest budget card 3 years ago still outdo the best the mobile arena have to offer today.

    Mobile gpu is good at one thing - render at minimum power. Desktop gpu is good at one thing, render gfx with maximum quality and performance. So compare them is hard since their task is so different.

    I rather choose performance over limited power budget... on mobile devices you don't have the choice and rather have to live with poor performance and low quality renders.
  • stingstang
    @Rantoc: I believe what nforce was trying to imply is that since this company can make such a competitive mobile gpu, they should be able to make it bigger to compete with the desktop gpus. Really, all they are are bigger, less efficient mobile processors with large heatsinks.
  • schmich
    ZingamThis is AMD technology. They've sold it to Qualcomm. And this only shows how much AMD sucks. It's a too short sighted company.They needed sold it because they needed liquidity.
  • zerocoolx
    Why would this need to be pre-rendered? Also, it's pretty obvious that this isn't a real game. It's just a "game demo". Think about it as a 3DMark "game demo". Lastly, AMD doesn't suck. You guys need to stop drinking the Intel kool-aid.