EA, Crytek Addresses Crysis 2 Demo Cheaters

It's one thing to read about players cheating in a full retail game-- it's almost expected. But it's somewhat sad to read that gamers are even cheating in demos. Seriously, is it really worth the trouble?

Crytek and Electronic Arts are currently addressing gamers who are cheating and hacking their way through the just-released Crysis 2 demo. Apparently, the multiplayer sample doesn't include anti-cheat measures, and given that it's a mere demo, it shouldn't be necessary.

But now it seems that Crytek and EA are regretting the choice to leave an anti-cheat solution out of the demo. That said, they're now warning current and potential cheaters of what's to come in the retail version.

"We know that some people have been playing with an unfair advantage in the Crysis 2 demo," Crytek said in an official statement.

"Rest assured that although the demo does not have these features installed, our team has been working for some time on various anti-cheat measures that have been introduced for the retail release of Crysis 2. We would like to make sure everyone is aware of how important this issue is to us, and that we will continue to strive for a cheat-free community with Crysis 2."

There's no indication if this surge in demo cheating is related to the PC version, the Xbox 360 version or both. The studio also didn't reveal what type of anti-cheating method will be used in the retail PC version, whether it will be Punkbuster or another popular solution. However, in the meantime, PC gamers can check out Crytek's upcoming FPS by downloading the multiplayer demo here.

"Players will compete in six vs. six matches set against a war-torn Manhattan in two maps: Skyline, set on top of the rooftops and interiors of skyscrapers, and Pier 17, an open environment with limited cover," reads the demo's description. "The demo also features two modes: Team Instant Action pits two teams against each other as they kill as many opponents as possible to win the round and Crash Site, where players will battle for control of alien drop pods, earning points by guarding their pods and keeping enemies at bay."

Just remember that there's cheaters abound.

  • galeener
    Hmm maybe its just as well I can't even get it to run.
  • pcgamer2097
    who cares, they consolized the s#@t out of it
  • scook9
    I wonder how the campaign will be for this game. Running around a city does not seem as exciting as an island/subterranean alien environment/aircraft carrier......
  • scook9
    And I liked killing koreans more than the aliens....(no racism or discrimination meant in this post!)
  • FloKid
    Maximum cheaters!
  • schmich
    "But it's somewhat sad to read that gamers are even cheating in demos. Seriously, is it really worth the trouble?"
    It's not just a demo, it's the only means of playing the game for almost a full month.
  • christop
    Sad you have to cheat in a game. I thought it was funny how I got killed over and over and only had one kill the whole time mean while others had like 20 kills.
  • jeremiahpope
    If there are cheaters on the servers I have been playing they need to use a different cheat mechanism because I usually end up with a 4:1 kill death ratio and the MVP. Maybe Battlefield games have just made me a better FPS player than the COD players.
  • sabot00
    soldier37This was inevitable with no anti cheat measures added. There is always someone out there looking to exploit at all costs just for the win. Sad.This was inevitable even with protection.
  • atminside
    Hate this game. So angry that they did not make it native for the PC, instead this POS is just a port from console.