Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

Intel D865PERL: Potential For Fine Tuning

Intel 865PE Chipset
Board Revision 01
BIOS RL86510A...

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In addition to a model with the 875P chipset, Intel also sent a board with the 865PE to the test. It must be said from the outset, however, that this board is by far the slowest in the whole test field. The weaknesses can be seen in the memory interface, which only allows conservative timings. This once again reflects the manufacturer's corporate policy, which does not want to resort to the aggressive sales tactics of the competition. Essentially, Intel can be compared to the German manufacturer Siemens, whose boards have been tested by THG in the past.

Compared to the Canterwood version, the D865PERL has an integrated high-quality sound chip from Soundmax, which is equipped with a noise suppression feature and 3D functions. 5.1 audio connections and an optical SP/DIF are also included. Fans of video editing can also use the FireWire connection.

Connections on the Intel board.

Intel's Active Monitor.

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