Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

Abit IS7: Bitter Price War With PAT, Continued

Packaging of the Abit IS7. The low price is all that counts here!

The RAID function, which is included in the ICH5 Southbridge from Intel, was also spared from cost cutting measures. The same functions are available in the BIOS as in the big brother version, the IC7-G. Performance is therefore virtually identically to that of the IC7-G, thanks to the activation of the fast memory access PAT.

Another positive feature worth mentioning is the tool for low-level hard disk formatting, which is supplied with the software. The range of equipment supplied is hardly any sparser: a Serial-ATA cable, together with a voltage adapter, is also provided, as well as the slot bracket and the IDE cable. The only difference is that the practical (and more expensive) round cable has been replaced by a conventional (cheaper) one. Users who don't have a PC case for modding will have no problem coming to terms with this.

Bracket with USB and FireWire ports.

Our assessment in brief: this board is an absolute bargain. For about $129, it offers good equipment and, on top of that, the same performance as the IC7-G, which costs $50 more, thanks to PAT technology. Identical soft menu functions for overclocking are available in the BIOS.

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