Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

Overview Test Candidates: 24 Boards On The Test Bench

Abit IC7-G: For Overclocking Fans

Intel 875P Chipset
Board Revision 252A
BIOS 1.41 (06/09/2003)

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The Abit IC7-G is now equipped with a new Northbridge fan.

At first glance, the packaging of the Abit IC7-G is not particularly striking - a subtle and restrained color mix characterizes the image. Instead, the manufacturer attracts purchasers with the attributes "speed, stability and power." The new Northbridge fan, which was criticized by the THG laboratory, stands out this time, in contrast to the last test. (Abit sent the new fan, which was installed for the test.)

The Northbridge fan was replaced by a more efficient model.

The external Abit connections include four USB 2 interfaces in addition to extensive sound outlets and FireWire.

Overclocking is still a good reason for buying a board from Abit. The user can do this with the help of the soft menus located in the BIOS, which offers potential for increasing the FSB sequence and the CPU voltage (up to a maximum of 1.925 Volts - enough for current P4 processors). An interesting feature is the possibility of allowing the AGP/PCI sequence to stay constant, in spite of an increase in the FSB sequence. Therefore, no problems arise with AGP or PCI cards in the case of extreme overclocking. As one of the first boards in this comparison, the Abit was able to pass all benchmark tests with aggressive memory timings (DDR400 CL2.0-2-2.5). Hence, this manufacturer finished among the top candidates in the overall ranking for all the test categories.

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