Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

Epox PE-4PDA2+: Better Than Its Big Brother, Continued

The board description is scarcely legible for the customer. Here the ball is of a different color, red - yet the design still has no style and makes no sense.

The audio connections are not perfectly solved: if the user uses 5.1 audio via analog output, the microphone and line connections are no longer available. An amazing finding emerges from the benchmark measurements: the Epox PE-4PDA2+ is marginally quicker than its big brother with 875P chipset. Owing to its good equipment selection, the board is, at a price of $174, $5 cheaper than the Canterwood version and is therefore clearly the better choice.

Included with the Epox.

SMD voltage regulator.

Our assessment in brief: Epox offers a wide-ranging selection of equipment with the PE-4PDA2+, which can compete with its big brother in terms of performance. The solution for the greater stress placed on the data bus between Southbridge and Northbridge caused by its many components, has not yet been properly thought through, however.

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