Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

Epox PE-4PCA3+: Above Average

Intel 875P Chipset
Board Revision 1.0
BIOS (06/08/2003)

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The typical features of an Epox board can also be found on the PE-4PCA3+: green PCB layout, a Highpoint controller for IDE RAID and the obligatory Port 80 display. In total, 12 drives (hard disks, DVD burner, etc.) can be connected to the IDE port, with the proviso that data traffic has to run via the Southbridge. Problems can therefore arise quickly as regards the bandwidth if the network connection is in demand as well.

Four USB connections and a network connection are still available via the ATX panel. Epox refuses to pay tribute to Intel and instead relies on the Broadcom chip for Gigabit LAN. The product also comes with Serial-ATA cables complete with voltage adapters in addition to the IDE round cables. This manufacturer is one of the few to include a game port panel.

Included with the Epox.

As usual, Epox relies on Highpoint.

BIOS update via Windows XP.

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