Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

MSI 875P Neo-FIS2R (MS-6758): At A High Level

Intel 875P Chipset
Board Revision 1.0
BIOS 1.5 (05/19/2003)

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MSI sent two boards to the test in the THG laboratory. The 875P Neo is based on the Intel 875P chipset and the 865PE Neo 2 is based on the Intel 865PE chipset. The focus of interest is the core cell chip, whose function we already outlined in the last test.

Interesting overclocking functions are therefore available, even for the less ambitious user. In the BIOS there is also the menu item "Dynamic Overclocking," with which the level of overclocking can be selected according to various military ranks. The user's appraisal of this function remains an individual decision.

The board's equipment can be described as very good: there is a CSA network controller for Gigabit LAN, an ICH5 RAID function, an additional RAID controller from Promise (PDC20378) for two Serial-ATA and two Ultra DMA/133 components and a FireWire chip (VIA VT6306). The Northbridge fan with flashing LEDs is a matter of taste. Fans of modding should be enthusiastic.

Fan with running lights.

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General3548.54 MHz
Colonel3451.80 MHz
Captain3387.75 MHz
Sergeant3323.47 MHz
Private3258.65 MHz

The table above lists all clock rates for the respective military ranks. In any case, the idea of dynamic overclocking reduces the processor's dissipation power and heat development, as the FSB clock increase only takes effect if there is a high CPU utilization.

View of the connectors.

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